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Jeremy Creighton Herbert & Mikey Kirkpatrick - Composers, Musicians, Producers

Jeremy Creighton Herbert and Mikey Kirkpatrick have been composing together since 2002 under the name A*M~P. They have released 4 albums so far. Their newest Project The Stories of Rust is an online book which will be released chapter by chapter starting from 1st May 2011.

 The Stories of Rust - Book/Album/Film Project released one chapter a month

until February 2012

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Same But Different - March 2011

The Rural Media Company’s (RMC) Same But Different (SBD) film is a locally made film about rural equality issues in a predominantly rural county. It raises often hidden equality issues that are important to the wellbeing of everybody in the county of Herefordshire, especially because of the county’s rurality. It clearly illustrates the lifelong limits on health and wellbeing that inequalities bring in their wake in a most informative and entertaining way.

Same But Different has been awarded new funding from the Equality and Human Rights Commission to run screenings across Herefordshire in the coming year.

Avocado Music provided original title music for the project. Screened at Borderlines Film Festival 2011.

The Stories of Rust (April 2011 - February 2012)

In this tale of historical fiction Paul Peters wakes up one winter Sunday morning to find that past local heroes and villains from the nascent industrial revolution have merged with his own present day confusions. This nightmare seems to coincide with the extraordinary appearance of a rogue threshing machine in the hills of South Herefordshire England. Peters is privy to all the ups and downs, loves and battles of an honourable but struggling farming community that faces an agricultural upheaval the like of which has not been seen before. He comes to realise that this parable centres on his own family’s inability to come to terms with a childhood tragedy. Will he begin to distinguish between the real and the imagined events? Will he grasp this opportunity to avert his crumbling life by reconciling the gaping rift between him and his father and thereby begin to overcome his self inflicted guilt?

See, hear and feel this audio/visual story from Jeremy Creighton Herbert and Mikey Kirkpatrick unfold as one chapter is released every month, starting on 1st May 2011

Chapter Release Dates:
Chapter One – Sunday Outing 1815 – 1st May 2011
Chapter Two – Immaculate Contraption – 29th May 2011
Chapter Three – God Sends A Miracle – 26th June 2011
Chapter Four – Colm Solvene – 31st July 2011
Chapter Five – New Crop Rotations – 28th August  2011
Chapter Six – Captain Swings – 25th September 2011
Chapter Seven – Steps Into Mourning – 30th October 2011
Chapter Eight – Bare Brittle Bones – 27th November 2011
Chapter Nine – Age Against The Machine – 25th December 2011
Chapter Ten – Earth’s Swallow – 29th January 2012
Chapter Eleven – Clinging Onto Mortality – 26th February 2012

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Fieldwork - Rural Media Company (Soundtrack -2009)

Screened at Borderlines Film Festival April 2009



Back of Beyond (Short Film - Dir. C. Ambrosio - 2009)

A*M~P have collaborated with film-maker/director Chiara Ambrosio to produce a film for the last track of our recent album COMPASS.

COMPASS (2008)

"I was struck by the warmth of the sound... I won't go into detail about the many technical achievements because I think the music transcends that aspect" Gerard Cousins

Back of Beyond- A*M~P


An 8 track four-hand prepared piano exploration, with electronics, choirs, solo singers, guitar, flute, poets and many more sounds designed as a headphone experience with all 50 minutes best listened to in one go from start to finish.

As we are feeling generous and want you to enjoy our music straight away, you can download the entire COMPASS album for free. If you like, you can make a donation to support us with our future work and let us know how much you enjoyed it.


below you can find our digital inlay:

The Vigil  - Rural Media Company (Soundtrack - 2006)

Rural Media Showcase Showreel (2006) 

ClayFeet (Music Video - Dir. A*M~P, Nigel farr, Ed. James Bulley - 2006) 

here there but somewhere (2005)

 "very creative, I want more!" Andrew Marston - BBC Radio

 "very rich, sultry, the abstract nature of it all... still accessible... toe tapping... quite a rare combo" Kelly Atkins, 20 Minute Loop, San Francisco 



In the offing 7 journeys along 7 tracks that are nearby, A*M~P make music for the soul; sparkling sounds, danceable grooves & reality checks which they believe uplift the universal heart & nourish enthusiasm.

find out more about here there but somewhere at CDBABY

Nothing Escapes His Eye (2004)


A tone poem based on a famous Faroese mosaic novel The Tower At The Edge Of The World portraying the imagination & impressions of a child growing up in the rarefied beauty of a remote north atlantic island.

find out more about Nothing escape His Eye at CDBABY

Balance To Move TOO (2002 - 2008)


Balance To Move Too is a free compilation of our various work for TV, film, radio and our own projects that have never made it onto any of our released albums. We make this available as a free download for you, but the music is not copyright free. Please contact us if you would like to use any of it for any other purpose than listening for yourself.



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